About us

Christophe LANDRET


Mechatronical engineer

General discipline covering the fields of mechanical design, electrotechnics, electronics, automation, computer science, and robotics.

Work Experience

Scientific Instruments

7 years in the development and design of machines and instruments dedicated to complex scientific experiments in molecular biology at the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory).

Genetic biology :

  • Development of a fly embryo microinjection automated device

Macromolecular X ray crystallography :

  • Development of a protein crystal harvester (CrystalDirect)
  • Improvement of an XY micro-positioning table (Centring Table)
  • Improvement of a microdiffractometer (MD3 microdiffractometer)
  • Improvement of an air humidifier (HC2 dehydration device)

Subsea Robotics

4 years of maintenance and operation of a remotely operated vehicle ROV H800 from ECA Group.

  • Robot and scientific equipment maintenance
  • Robot operation for surveys and subsea works down to 900m depth.
  • Robotics tools design for subsea works (specialized pipe claw, rope cutter)